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What is Consciousness? An Amazing Deep Dive into the Magic of Mindfulness and an Adventure into Awareness

Deepak Chopra, Susan Blackmore, Stuart Hammeroff, Daniel Dennett, Eben Alexander, and others riff on what it means to be conscious

What does consciousness really look like deep down? Are we all just a byproduct of the chemical interactions in our brain, or is there something bigger, beyond? What is qualia? Does it matter? And does spiritual experience reveal something powerful and profound about the nature of existence, or is it all just new age nonsense and spiritual silliness that we tell ourselves to give more meaning to life?

This is a great deep dive into the magic and mystery of BEING alive – aware – and so much more, featuring some of the best thinkers on the nature of consciousness, neuroscience and the sense of being a self. What is so remarkable about these talks is how so many smart people can differ so dramatically on such an important, fundamental aspect of our own aliveness.

What do you believe? Share it with us in the community comments below!



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