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How to Meditate in 3 Simple Steps

Here is another simple animated mindfulness video that Donna sent us that we think you’ll love.

The truth is, there IS no “simple” set of rules for how to meditate, and even in a video like this one, which is full of great advice…..I hesitate to recommend you follow this approach to the letter, especially if some of the steps feel challenging. (for example? Sit UP, is one of the “3 steps” that this author states, and I don’t believe sitting up is neccessary, and have had many amazing experiences meditating while walking, or while lying down, or in any other position ­čÖé

But if you want a simple, step by step overview of what mindfulness meditation is, and who and how it helps, this is well worth watching – it’s short and succinct, and awesomely animated as well!



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