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Teaching Meditation to Children: How One School is Using Mindfulness with Kids

Teaching Mindfulness in Schools

Here is a beautiful example of how one school system is using meditation to help transform the lives of kids. There have been all sorts of amazing experiments with mindfulness meditation being used in all sorts of unusual areas to transform the group “dynamic” in stressful situations. For example, mindfulness programs in prisons have had some really interesting benefits to both the culture and community of those incarcerated, and those who are in positions of power within those enviornments. (Transcendental Meditation has also been tested in many prison systems with great results)

Bringing meditation to the school systems is a great way of teaching young kids the life skills they need to handle stress, boredom, and all sorts of other difficulties we all experienced in schools ourselves. I know I spent far too many hours in “detention” that would have been far better served in quiet contemplation, with a simple structured system for paying attention to thoughts, emotions and impulses as they appeared, BEFORE acting out. (as was my own impulse)

Want to learn how to bring meditation to your family, classroom or curriculum? Check out our great upcoming course mindfulness for kids HERE.



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