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Teaching Meditation to Inmates: How Mindfulness Could Change Prison

Path of Freedom from Go Project Films on Vimeo.

How meditation is being taught in prison to prevent recidivism, inmate violence and improve wellness

A few years ago I watched an amazing documentary featuring how 10 day vipassana courses were being taught in some of India’s most violent prisons, and how the incarcerated communities were being transformed. (i’m pretty sure it was a Goenke 10 day “retreat” that was being brought into the prison atmosphere – complete with outdoor living spaces, vegetarian food, etc.

There is also a great documentary called “The Dhamma Brothers” that shows a lot of this same work being done in an Alabama prison that is well worth watching.

It’s truly inspiring to see how folks are bringing these incredible and powerful practices into places and spaces that seem to need them most – but are so often overlooked. (including many lower economic areas that would benefit from a more proactive approach to meditation and mindfulness training, BEFORE many find themselves locked up, or otherwise in the system.

This video describes one man’s journey to prison as an inmate, to discovering meditation on the “inside” and his subsequent return to incarcerated communities to teach, transform, help and heal those who he knows, from first hand experience, need it the most. Well worth watching, and supporting as well.



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