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Do We Live in a Simulated Universe? (PARALLEL WORLDS, PARALLEL LIVES. The Full Documentary)


Do we live in a simulated universe? Do parallel universes exist? And where did the many worlds/many universes idea that many scientists are beginning to take more seriously?

This is a mind bending, super cool and uber interesting BAFTA winning documentary on HUGH EVERETT III, the quantum physicist author of the Parallel Universe theory and his rock star son, MARK OLIVER EVERETT (lead singer of the Rock band the EELS), as he criss crosses the country looking to learn more about his reclusive, eccentric late father….and the incredible implications of his pioneering (and wonderfully weird) work about the true fabric of our world. Whether you believe in parallel universes or not, or whether you are a quantum physicist or not, this is truly an entertaining and inspiring story about love, loss and the legacy of a creative scientific genius decades after his death.



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