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The Self Doesn’t Die (Book Review)

“The Self Doesn’t Die” is an enlightening, inspiring and magical book about veridical near death experiences, or NDE’s where verifiable information has been reported by someone – at a distance from their body, and while in the throes of an NDE, that has later been validated as accurate

While many NDE’s are extraordinary for the people who have the experience, they are often easy to dispute or discount by skeptics, as merely brain blips or hallucinations (of one type or another) emanating from the body shutting down.

The accounts in “The Self Doesn’t Die” are very different, in that the information that people are reporting, often while clinically dead, has been validated by others as accurate, and in most of the accounts, it is very difficult to explain how someone who is in a very compromised state (if not completely unconscious) could have such lucid, crystal clear and hyper real experiences at ALL, let alone seeing things from a great distance away from their physical bodies that turns out to be true.

The book was also funded through crowdsourcing and edited by IANDS (the international association for near death studies) who are serious and rigorous in their studies of end of life phenomena of all types.

Check out the book on Amazon here. Or, listen to several of more than 100 different veridical near death experiences, as presented by Dutch author Rudolph Smits at a recent 2016 IANDS conference.



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