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How to Become a Superhero: Learning to Cultivate Flow States with Steven Kottler

Have you ever had an experience of “flow”? That amazing, invigorating and enlivening feeling that everything is just going and growing and flowing in the right direction, almost on it’s own?

Or that strange sensation of being in the moment, or getting your groove, or being so ultra plugged in, that whatever COULD go right, feels like it does? Regardless of the language we use for what that experience actually IS (some in the mindfulness community would call it an altered state or a zen state or even a timeless sense of transcendence) the benefits of getting there, and staying there, are too rich and rewarding to ignore.

Steven Kottler has become one of my favorite authors on beautiful benefits of flow…..and this talk on becoming a superhero, captures some of the wonderful wisdom he has to impart on this fascinating and super exciting area of human experience.

So regardless of whether you are a lifelong meditator looking for a taste of the transcendent, or an extreme sport devotee looking for the next hurdle to high step, as we begin a new year……this is a great talk to absorb, and get excited about as well!



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