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Why Practice Mindfulness?

What does mindfulness do for you? Why practice? What does it feel like? What’s the motivation to even begin?

In this short video (part of our “50 questions about mindfulness answered in 2 minutes or less” series), Ruby Wax shares her thoughts on mindfulness, understanding the brain, learning to create space in the react/respond cycle, and what motivated her to begin her practice years ago as well.

What I find so fascinating about this particular video?

So many of the comments underneath! It amazes me how many people are simultaneously so confused about what mindfulness practice REALLY is or means, and yet, have such strong opinions on the topic anyway. ­čÖé (for example, people who are commenting that “mindfulness is dangerous, and should be only practiced on occassion”

Remember, there is a BIG difference between meditation as a practice (which you COULD argue, for some people could be an unsettling experience and should be explored with some degree of care) vs making the assertion that MINDFULNESS itself, or living with intention, attention and being awake and aware of your actual fine grain experience of aliveness in more moments, rather than less…..could possibly be a bad thing?

It’s like saying – “being awake and living with clarity and clear minded-ness is okay….but only in moderation. The rest of the time, you should be lost in thought, and fundamentally confused :-)”

Ruby’s own thoughts and explanation on mindfulness are well worth watching. What do YOU think? Share on our facebook page, or in the community comments below.



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