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Ayahuasca and Mindfulness

Can Ayahuasca help my meditation practice? How do psychedelics or plant medicine overall, affect those of us who practice mindfulness in our daily lives? Are the experiences similar, and if not…..why not?

There is a lot of interest in both Ayahuasca and mindfulness practice, often by the same group of people 🙂 Why? Because both are at their core….about self discovery, self transcendence and a post religious sense of spirituality that eludes us during our day to day experience. Most folks aren’t going to have a visionary experience in Church, or in a Mosque or Temple on a typical visit…and yet, most folks WILL have that experience during a plant medicine ceremony, or on a long protracted silent meditation retreat as well. (although less so of course, than in a plant medicine ceremony)

Here is an interesting article that explores the intersection between mindfulness and Ayahuasca from – a great resource for exploring consciousness on the edge.

Alongside mindfulness, the researchers also considered something known as “decentering,” which is characterized by the ability to take a detached view of one’s thoughts and emotions as temporary events of the mind. A key characteristic of the ayahuasca experience is the promotion of a detached view of one’s own thoughts and emotions. Similarly, “increasing this capacity is the goal of mindfulness interventions.” Further parallels between mindfulness and ayahuasca are evident in other areas, including increased awareness, changes in self-perspective, decreased hopelessness, and positive impact of general well-being.
Based on these commonalities, the researchers aimed to deepen their understanding of the psychological experience brought about by ayahuasca and to explore if improved mindfulness-related capabilities could be enhanced by the intake of a single dose of ayahuasca.



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