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How to Do Metta Meditation

What is the correct way to do metta meditation? Do I need a mantra? Do I need a script, or can I say whatever words are most meaningful to me?

Metta meditation, or loving kindness meditation as it’s commonly called in the West, is one of the most powerful, peaceful and profound practices any of us can undertake, in the service of both ourselves, and the world as well.

There is as great quote by the Dali Lama that I love – “if you want others to be happy, practice kindness. if you want to be happy, practice kindness”

This is so true….and metta meditation is a gateway to feeling great about both yourself, and others you see along the way.

Here is a good guided loving kindness meditation you can listen to and emulate for yourself. Remember, the words you choose can be 100% your own. Just stoke the sensation of love, peace and kindness for all….and you’ll be transformed as a result.



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