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7 Steps to Launching a Profitable Web Directory in a Weekend

Here is a 5 minute audio (now on youtube, here!) I just recorded outlining the absolute easiest way to launch a profitable web directory business, in a HYPER local market (1 neighborhood – 1 town – 1 resort area, etc) in a weekend.

The beauty of this approach?

It’s small, specific, fiercely focused and simple to scale.  (you can also SELL these sites for easy money – the more local you go, the more value they have)

It’s an absolutely IDEAL way to build an online agency, too.  (simply follow the steps in the audio, identify your offer, and you’ll be in business by this weekend)

For those of you who want a “Done for You Directory” – i’m running a 50% off Black Friday special on our 60 day site building service for online agencies or aspiring online entrepreneurs who are interested in the authority site/directory marketing model.

(essentially – we will build your directory – add listings – add content – give you a dedicated site manager for 60 days – show you how to quickly turn cash flow positive in 30 days or less –  and guarantee a lifetime 300% return on investment or we’ll buy your site back.)

Interested?  Let’s talk!

The absolute easiest way to build a local directory business in a weekend – start small – think scale – fierce focus – dive in and begin! ere are the general steps covered in the audio

Step 1. Identify a hyper local area (a NYC neighborhood – a small town – a resort area)

Step 2. Identify an ideal audience that has a lot of set ups (sushi places. Indian restaurants. Contractors. Plumbers)

Step 3. identify a core back end offer (THIS is how I improve their business – THIS is my value proposition)

Step 4. Build the site in a weekend (20-50 listings)

Step 5. Once you have the listings populated – Use keywords, lists and questions on the BLOG to build SEO value –

Step 6. Start a reach out campaign (FB tag the business – twitter – email, etc)

Step 7. What will they miss if they don’t have X on your site? (Create a true value proposition – something that is intuitively obvious to anyone looking at your site – and lead with that) 



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