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Can I Make Money with Shopify? WARNING: Deconstructing Those Profitable Shopify Store Examples (in Plain English)

You can make a lot of money with a Shopify store.  

You can also create the APPEARANCE of having a very profitable shopify store, without really having one.  (and record a very impressive looking youtube video, or simply offer a site for sale that appears like it’s raking in the dough, but it’s really a mirage.)

In this video – we take a little bit of a look at how this is done – and why you need to be very careful when buying a site from the Shopify Exchange for big bucks – based on sales figures alone.

You can, for example, sell high end products that have very LOW profit margins – run lots of expensive FB ads – lose 5K by design in a month, and still have sales totals in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  (you may have made NO money on those sales – or even lost money, but you can still list your site for sale for big bucks – and look like it’s a successful store)

Don’t buy sites that have ONE or two or three big months – and then drop to almost nothing.  (very typical in these sorts of graphs)

If it looks unusual  – ask yourself why.  And when in doubt, you are far better building your OWN shopify store from scratch!  (rather than buying someone else’s high volume store that has very unusual activity)

Watch the video for more.



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