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Meditating with the Body: Reggie Ray on Somatic Awareness

The body is the organ of ego-less wisdom.  – Reggie Ray

Want to learn how to practice somatic meditation?  I’ve just finished re-reading one of my favorite meditation books of all time – unique, fresh and actually, a lot of fun, too!

The book is called – “The Awakening Body”. It’s written by one of the most unique and innovative meditation teachers alive today.  (his name is Dr. Reginald Ray – and he is a brilliant Yogi who teaches a very unique form of breathe based, body focused meditation that is truly feels amazing, and inspiring to practice)

I’ve taken a few online courses through the Dharma Ocean Foundation  (for which Dr. Ray is the director) and stumbled across the book on Amazon a few days ago, and couldn’t believe it was 1.99.  (I paid much more for mine when it came out!)

For those of you who are familiar with mindfulness based meditation, or mantra based meditation (like TM or something similar) – these practices are quite different.  (although there are elements of mindfulness in his teachings as well)  

Instead, you will learn how to explore your body (and your life)  through the power of breath, and recognize the amazing  array of opportunities our own “soma” offers to explore what it means to be alive, and awake and aware, moment by moment, in cool and creative ways i’ve yet to see as accessible, anywhere else.

(Dr. Ray lived with, and studied for many years under the famous, late Tibetan lama Ch√∂gyam Trungpa Rinpoche – the brilliant but eccentric Yogi whose life story has been captured in many books and movies (“Escape from Tibet”, “Crazy Wisdom” amongst others)

These teachings are truly life changing, and the techniques are super easy to understand as well.  (if you’ve ever done a body scan meditation, Dr Ray teaches something similar, just with much more nuance, and detail and application to every day life)

Would love to hear your experiences with the practices if you try them – it’s really quite radical stuff.

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