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Mindfulness in the Workplace. How to Cultivate Calm, Confidence

14 Simple Steps To Encourage Mindfulness In Your Workplace

Mindfulness is by no means a new concept, but it’s one that has enjoyed a resurgence in our modern world of constant connectivity and distractions. We are bombarded every day by texts, emails, chat messages, phone calls, social media notifications and advertisements — and that’s all on top of the hundreds of thoughts racing through our minds at any given time.

What would mindfulness in the work place look like?  How would a more calm, compasionate and connected workspace appear to those of us used to the cut throat competitiveness that permeates so many professional spaces?

My favorite of the 14?

When in doubt, don’t send the email, make the call or start a meeting until you feel “C3” — clear, calm and confident. There’s nothing worse than responding with attitude and paying the price later with self-doubt or anxiety. Always think of your actions from another’s point of view and take their perspective into consideration. This action alone can go a long way toward creating a mindful workplace.



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