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Picking a Shopify Theme? Do This First

How important is the theme on my shopify store?  Are the free themes good enough to use for my shop?  How much does a Shopify premium theme cost….and are they worth it?

Here is the answer in a nutshell – having used both free themes, and many premium themes alike.

1. Start with a free theme.  Why?  It’s free, silly.  And your conversions will NOT be affected by using a free theme, simply because Shopify has many beautiful designs that are 100% free – and function perfectly.

2.  If you are building a brand, and having a “premium” aesthetic feels better – or your unique style statement is important to you, simply purchase a premium theme from the Shopify theme shop and modify it with a little bit of CSS – or just use it as is.  (you can often pick a theme with 3 or 4 design variations, called “skins”)

3. Themes on the Shopify theme store typically run $140-$180.

4.  Shopify Themes on Themeforest can be purchased for less – typically under $60.

Most importantly, the LEAN launch ethos is best.  Don’t obsses over design – instead, focus on PRODUCTS and content, and you’ll find yourself able to afford any sort of unique look you want – just give it time to make some sales first, and worry about how things look, later. 



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