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How To Create Online Course in WordPress

Should I create my online course on WordPress?  What LMS should I use?  Which plugins are best?  Which WordPress THEME, works best, with the best LMS plugin?  Which hosting plan is the best, for the best theme, with the best plugin and…….ETC.  ­čÖé

The problem with using WP for online courses is that there are simply too many moving parts for MOST teachers, trainers, coaches and consultants, and you’ll end up wasting more time on the tools and tech, than you will with the actual teaching and training.  (after all….that’s what you do best, right?)

The best option, for those of you looking to design an online course is to use an online SAAS that is specifically FOR teaching courses. (rather than WordPress, which 99.9% of users are NOT using it for – and therefore, it’s not really designed to do in a true world class way)

We use (and highly recommend) PODIA for designing, delivering and profiting from online courses.

There are other options as well – from Teachable and Thinkific, to Pathwright, to Kajabi, to Gumroad and beyond.  Podia is the “sexiest”, and has the most features, for the best budget – you can check out our PODIA store, here.

(you can also get a free trial to Podia here for 14 days – no credit card required – feel free to send me an email if you sign up with our link – – and we’ll send you a special gift for earning more money and IMPACT, with your online courses and passion projects!



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