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NewKajabi Vs Teachable Vs Podia Vs Gumroad

1. Let’s start from the TOP: Our top pick (and what we use) is Podia. Podia has NO transaction fees, patreon style memberships, courses, digital downloads, bundles, landing pages, an affiliate program for your members, email marketing, a world class landing page editor and the best and most accessible customer service in the industry. (you can literally talk to Spencer Fry, the lead guy – on their Intercom channel, simply by pinging him with a question)

2. Teachable is great as well. Teachable is a better alternative (than Podia) if you have a MARKETPLACE of courses for sale, that will feature multiple authors/teachers or contributers like we do. (unfortunately, podia doesn’t have this flexibility and that for some of your use cases, this is where Teachable shines) Teachable has a free plan as well – meaning you can teach for free…..even though you’ll end up paying a fee for that luxury. (as of this writing, I believe it’s 5% of transactions)

3. Gumroad is great too – although it’s more for selling digital downloads and email courses. The full “membership” style community (where students login and take courses within a private student portal) isn’t really a “thing” on Gumroad – and the video elements (for video courses, aren’t as robust) Gumroad DOES have an affiliate program, great landing pages, email marketing and other cool stuff….and they are the least expensive option as well. (at $10 a month to start – although they do take a chunk of each transaction as well)

Lastly, Newkajabi i’m not such a fan of – although I haven’t used it on a real school, so my biases my be showing through. (all of the above options I’ve used to teach, with real courses, real students and real results – you can see our current courses on Podia, here) They have the highest monthly costs, and artificial tiers on how many courses you can create per plan – and to my eye – are more geared toward the “get rich from home” crowd as well, rather than the creatives, teachers, and passion professionals that increasingly make up much of the online education space.

You can also teach on wordpress of course as well – but if you’re serious about building a true online course platform, it’s the least appealing option for most – simply due to the time investment in the tech – and tools – and updating, etc – it can be a major pain in the ass ­čÖé

Check out PODIA here for our top recommendation.
Check our OUR PODIA store, here for an example.

If you sign up for PODIA – email me ( for tips on how to rapidly SCALE your courses in way that will enhance your impact – and your income – 100% guaranteed!



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