The Best Directory Theme for WordPress?

Hey Ian, really helpful content on all of your videos so thank you! If I’m building a simple directory for one service (happy hour) in one city and I want 1. location based mapping, 2. results filtered by rating, and Hey Ian, r easy way to convey simple info fast, is mylisting still the way to go in your opinion? Thanks again!

Hey there – thanks for the question 🙂 I’d say yes – Mylisting feels like the best option – amongst many good options – for that sort of site, and set up. There may be better options for “filtering” amongst the group – and there IS a brand new version of “Listingpro” out over the last day or two (I haven’t looked at it – but someone emailed me about this morning – and they do, apparently have a “restaurant” specific new demo that’s supposed to be nice – so you may want to check that out prior to purchasing anything – but in general, Mylisting can do simplicity very well – or complexity with equal elegance – and I think that level of flexibility between the two extremes, combined with the robust support, community, and aggressive iteration/improvement, et al – makes it pretty hard to resist.

There is also “Wilcity” which is pretty impressive – and has a dedicated app coming out this month as well – and I know there is a new plugin coming in about 3 weeks that will be free – and will combine “marketplace” style functionality along with directory listings for a true Airbnb style experience – along with premium themes, etc – which ought to be pretty game changing as well. I do think you can’t go wrong with mylisting though – and for my purposes – it’s the best available option today. (I have a lot more videos on my primary channel – with is Thanks!


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