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Trying to decide between Podia and Kartra?

Q:  Hi Ian,

Trying to decide between Podia and Kartra and for my upcoming live online course. You obviously love Podia but why more than Kartra?

A:  Hi Tricia – I haven’t used Kartra  – so I wouldn’t be in a position to make a fair comparison – although, having used most of the analogs in the online LMS space (teachable/thinkific/gumroad/pathwright, etc – I don’t hear of Kartra being mentioned much in the conversation – hence, i’ve yet to look at it. (although I do know someone who ironically is using it for their business in the last few days)  Podia offers more robust features than most of the other competitors -memberships/email marketing/courses/products/affiliates/landing pages, pre-launch pages, is highly customizable, charges no fees – and is owned by great people – hence, they are easy to recommend 🙂

Follow up:

Hi again Tricia! I took a quick peek at Kartra – it feels like a very different sort of system/tool – less of a true online Learning Management System/Course Platform – and more of an “internet marketing” system – it doesn’t feel like it’s really a Podia or Kajabi or Teachable analog – more of a “all in one” manage your internet marketing business under one roof style thing. I will say this – just a word of caution – I know nothing about it – but my entrepreneurial intuitions (and instincts) tell me it’s not really what you’re looking for IF in fact, you’re looking to build a brand with online courses – and cultivating a community around your expertise. (there is a much different aesthetic feel to a real online course platform – and the brand gravitas that comes with it – vs a more “internet marketing style cut and paste” system – where they are selling you on “pre-written emails, templates, etc” – those systems attract a very different type of business owner – and in general, are not nearly as refined as some of the other options you have elsewhere. (I do love Podia – but Teachable is good – so is Thinkific, etc – I think, predicated on a quick peek – if you went with “Kartra” – you’d be getting less, rather than more. Thanks 🙂 Ian

Podia 14 day free trials, are here.



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