I am considering developing a listingpro directory for niche community.


A: Hi Jack – thanks very much for the note. A few quick thoughts – 1. Contingent on the the type of niche site you are building – and your experience/expertise with WordPress – you may want to try a different theme than Listingpro – it’s fairly easy to use – but there are several themes that have eclipsed Listingpro in terms of it’s feature set – and ease of use – and value proposition as well – so as a first principle recommendation – i’d check out some analogs to LP prior to going in that direction. (it’s still a great theme – it just wouldn’t be my first choice anymore)

2. My skill is helping people make money – build communities – create content , etc – I’m not a “coder” or tech specialist – (although I do have a small team of Virtual Assistants who are) – I can certainly help with tech issues – but it’s not what I do best – and in general – i’d typically clients tech needs to my VA’s. From a marketing standpoint – or project building perspective – I’d be happy to discuss if you need help in that area – you can also check out many hours of free videos, marketing checklists, guides – and much more – in my free course community, here. http://goodkarma.link/launchitlocal

Thanks very much – and happy to help if you need it. Best – Ian



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