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I want to connect injured athletes with physiotherapists and doctors.

Q:  Hi Mindfully.TV, I want to connect injured athletes with physiotherapists and doctors. I saw that DocDirect has what I’m looking for. What do you think is the best between ListinGo, MyListing and DocDirect? Your honest opinion will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

A:  Hi there – I haven’t looked at – bought or used “DocDirect” – so I’m not in a good position to offer an opinion on the theme/framework – I also know the folks behind that specific theme have a new theme that emulates much of the same functionality – so you may want to check that out as an analog to docdirect as well. (although neither of these would be my first choice – predicated on my experience with these themes) The best theme – in my view – is Mylisting – purely because it offers the most unique ways to monetize – to customize – and to extend – relative to the other themes available. No WP theme is “perfect” for this sort of site – by dint of the limitations of WP – but your best bet – in my experience – is just to lean launch something valuable based on the best available option – and continue to regularly optimize, & iterate as the tools and tech continue to improve.



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