I was thinking of creating a drop shipping website to be able to make money from that store and then later be able to flip that store

affiliate marketing on shopify

A. Hey there – thanks for the question – Shopify is awesome for building sites as “assets” (e.g. – with the intention of selling/flipping down the road) – the dropshipping stores are popular – but in my view, aren’t the best approach -as anyone who understands how they work can simply sign up for Shopify – install Oberlo (the most popular app for dropshipping on Shopify) and populate the content the very same way – without paying a premium for an existing store. There are (in my mind) better ways to curate affiliate oriented content using Shopify that most folks can’t emulate on their own – using something like Outlink – and finding great affiliate products in a specific high value niche – is a smarter strategy for flipping sites long term. (as there is less competition – and requires real entrepreneurial intuition) Make sense? Thanks!



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