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Listing Pro 2.0 VS Mylisting Vs Wilcity

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Building a niche directory?  Want to launch a marketplace?  Looking to build a web community in your local area?  There are tons of great wordpress directory themes in 2018, and the TOP themes, right now are Listingpro (version 2 just came out in late Summer) Mylisting and Wilcity, which has an amazing new native app as well.

Your best bet is STILL Mylisting, simply due to it’s infinite ability to be customized and extended, way beyond what the other themes offer.  (note – watch how to do Mylisting customization and monetization videos in our FREE brand building community, here)

Listingpro is really good for restaurants specifically (I really like the new food demo) and Wilcity is a bit buggy, but with a native app, and some super cool unique features, it’s pretty hard to pass up as well.  BUT, all that said, Mylisting remains the #1 directory theme we’d pick to launch a new project – and you can see the many cool and creative ways we’ve used it in our own communities, right here.



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