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ListingPro Vs Wilcity Vs Mylisting Vs Listify?


Update:  For those of you looking to monetizing your directory, listing site or niche community, here is a great example of how to use the WOOCommerce “external products” feature (it’s free) to drive affiliate sales across your platform – this works on WILCITY, MYLISTING, Listify, Listable and in general, any of the analogs that are Woocommerce enabled.  (note….this won’t work for something like “Listingpro” which is why I don’t recommend it for serious projects that include an affiliate or partnership program as part and parcel of your monetization strategy)

Here is another question that has come in via our private community this week about Wilcity Vs Mylisting – you can read my full answer in the membership section here.

Q:  So Ive been going over the two. My idea is for a listing/directory of suppliers and vendors in a Philippine setting. I like MyListing as you have pointed out but after going back and forth I feel ListingPro is more userfriendly and has a less flowerful design for a b2b audience. Especially since Mylisting advanced search might be a bit overwhelming/confusing at first glance. Also the preview card for MyListing seems to be good for hotels and restos but not necessarily down to earth suppliers. Those might be my top two main concerns. As far Ive checkered theres only three different kind of preview cards under my listing. One thing Ive noticed with listing pro demos though is that the site loads slower that mylisting. Whatre your thoughts on these points? 🙂

A: Hey there – My best advice is this: Appearance + aesthetics (how the site “looks”) is a completely subjective thing – and there is no objective or empirical evidence that one style is going to be more appealing to your audience – than another – until you launch – (listing cards – search wise – or otherwise) – therefore – you ought to simply pick the theme and framework that appeals to your needs, likes and entrepreneurial intuitions – and DECIDE – and then focus on content – building a community – and building your platform – as THAT is the only real thing that matters. The vast majority (many thousands of people) that I encounter who are building these style sites – NEVER DECIDE – they always are comparing and contrasting – picking and choosing – trying to find the perfect theme – which – for under $100 on WordPress – doesn’t exist – and 99% + never launch their projects – because they are always thinking – not executing. So that would be my best advice – take a single day – think about the theme that you like best – weigh the pros and cons (e.g. – in 6 months – will you want a store? LP doesn’t integrate with WC – but Mylisting and most other WP job manager themes do, etc) – and once you’ve picked the right theme – just dive in and do it. I prefer Mylisting for many reasons over LP – but that’s just an opinion – predicated on my own process – and what I see works best for clients. You can see many directory marketing videos here – for monetization purpose – Thanks 🙂




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