MyListing Directory Review:


Q:  Decided to buy this theme after reading your review on themeforest and watching this video by you. Thank You PS- Just noticed that the last comments were a few months ago, i am wondering if you have any negative points for MyListing after using it for a while now? If you do , kindly share.

A: Hi Abhishek – you are very welcome – and while no WP theme is going to be ideal for this sort of project – (as there are things that WP simply doesn’t do well – like p2P bookings, or true marketplace style functionality for example) – as of today – I still recommend Mylisting with total confidence – and think they’ve done a great job supporting the product over the last year as well. You can also see tons of new videos – with lots of step by step strategies for monetizing mylisting specifically – all free – here: Thanks very much! Ian



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