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Shopify or WooCommerce or Squarespace?

Shopify or WordPress or Squarespace?  How to build an ecommerce business the right way (without gimmicks, gadgets or gurus)

Here is why we believe Shopify is the best option for launching your ecommerce store, blog, brand and business.

  1. All of the ecommerce options above are good ones.  We use, and recommend Woocommerce, for many projects.  But, contrary to Shopify, you have to manage WordPress, Woocommerce and if you’re like many in your audience, you have to tinker with the tech, which can be frustrating and NOT what you’re best at to boot.  Shopify has ZERO coding, no headaches with updating software, picking or installing plugins, changing versions (like WP) or anything in that spectrum of experience.  Shopify handles all of that, seamlessly, in the background – forever.
  2. Squarespace is great as well – but it’s BEST as a pure blogging platform, and NOT an ecommerce platform.  You can sell stuff on Squarespace, and their “storefront” options are good ones, but still…’s still not built from the ground up to EMPOWER ECOMMERCE, like Shopify is.  Shopify is built for SELLING – full stop.  WordPress (and Woocommerce, by extending your WP to include it) and Squarespace are both PRIMARILY BLOGGING platforms – and the vast majority of users dont ever use the Ecommerce functionality.  NO ONE builds a Shopify store for any reason OTHER than to use it for selling stuff, for e-commerce and brand building around transactions.  For that reason, we just recommend it beyond the other platforms above.
  3. You can try Shopify for FREE.  If you don’t like it – simply don’t pay for it.  (no credit card required to get a fully functioning Shopify store for 14 days – check that out here)



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