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Why Sharetribe is the Perfect Platform for Your Marketplace

NOW:  – > Try Sharetribe for free in 2019.

If you are building a marketplace in 2019, you’d be crazy not to build it on Sharetribe.  (and this is coming from someone who loves WordPress and who does the vast majority of his work on the WP platform)

Sharetribe is just so perfectly positioned to be the pre-eminent platform for peer to peer marketplaces, bookings driven communities, rentals, b2b offers, and ecommerce exchanges – that you’d literally be nuts to try to retrofit WP (with plugins, themes, and headaches galore) to do what Sharetribe was literally birthed to build.

Check out the video of the new Sharetribe FLEX platform which is coming very soon (now in private beta) and sign up for a free trial for Sharetribe GO, which is available now – and from which, you can seamlessly upgrade to FLEX, when it’s available to all in late 2018, early 2019.



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