Why Shopify is Better Than Wix: (Hint….They Are Different Products for Different People Completely)


Wix vs Shopify: Which Is The Better eCommerce Platform? (2019)

If you’re looking for the perfect eCommerce platform, Wix vs Shopify is probably a question on your mind. These are two very different companies, with varying plans and goals. In this blog post, we compare the two and give you the answer – which platform is more suitable for emerging entrepreneurs?

Shopify is not really a fair comparison with Wix.  It’s a completely different product – FAR more powerful, and for a much different type of online entrepreneur.  (Shopify is for building a brand, an ecommerce store, and selling stuff…..whereas WIX, is really for putting up simple (free) Websites at it’s core)

For Shopify trials, go here to try Shopify for free and see how it excels for ecommerce, compared to free platforms like Wix.



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