How To Use Online Courses To Generate A 6-Figure Passive Income


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Paul Thomson, an entrepreneur who works with six, seven, and even eight-figure business owners to create and sell online courses, shares insights on how to use courses to generate six-figure passive income.

If you’re looking to teach an online course in 2019, here are some super simple tips for getting started with maximum momentum, in minimum time.

1.  Teach one thing

2. Teach one thing at a time.

3.  Avoid feature creep….and focus on making people BETTER in your area of expertise and experience.

4.  Use educational marketing as the basis for your content and your course.  (e.g. – solve a problem, pop a pain, heal a hurt – and move one.  Don’t data dump everything you know in one course – instead, stay SMALL and fiercely focused on popping pains that your audience needs to succeed)

Lastly, don’t obsess on the perfect online teaching platform  WE use podia – and it’s easy to use, elegant and awesome – yet, all online SAAS services are fairly similar.  (e.g. – Teachable is good – Gumroad is good – WordPress is fine – just pick one thing and don’t overthink it – the content is what’s going to make you rich!)



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