Sharetribe Examples: Great Looking Marketplaces Built on the Sharetribe Platform

Every few months we get a deulge of questions about Sharetribe – the innovative marketplace solution for folks looking to build an “Airbnb” style analog for their niche, market, industry, vertical or locality.

Many of our own clients and readers use WordPress (see my free course here, on building marketplaces or directories on WordPress) – but for folks who want to scale up the tools and tech – or have a bigger and more audacious idea, to my mind, Sharetribe is a better fit for most. (as it’s built specifically for Marketplace style sites – rather than “hacked” for the purpose – which you could argue, even the best WP directory or marketplace style themes are really not, at bottom, built to achieve.)

Here are a few new Sharetribe examples well worth checking out for 2019.

Powering events | Visofi

Book using Visofi or earn some income by renting out your equipment

La balade des gens heureux | Go Dude

Balade en voiture ancienne et collection, promenade en moto, tour en bateau

Say goodbye to boring dates | Datemakers

Discover & book Bristol’s best things to do for two

All of these look great, are built on Sharetribe Flex, (the new platform) and really do offer a quantum leap over what you could accomplish on WP, with the available over the counter options.

Ready to build your dream marketplace in 2019? Get a free trial for Sharetribe, here.



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