Can I Sell Affiliate Products on Shopify?


A. Yes, but it’s not as easy to set up compared to WooCommerce. (or at least it hasn’t historically been as easy, unless Shopify has recently made their platform more “affiliate” product type friendly “out of the box.”

To sell REAL affiliate products on Shopify (I’m not talking about dropshipping or Aliexpress) you may need to install an app, like Outlink, as I describe in the video above.

Outlink allows you to add an external url (where you’d add your affiliate code) much like Woocommerce’s “external product” type. Once you install outlink – using Shopify to sell affiliate products is a breeze. (and in many ways, I much prefer it over WordPress for affiliate/curated style, marketplace communities)

Start selling with a Shopify Free trial, here.



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