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How to: Take Bookings on Your WP Directory WITHOUT Plugins (Plus Get Paid For Featured Listings)

Problem:  Many people want to take “vendor” payments on their WP based directory or marketplace, but struggle to make it work.   Plugins like “WooCommerce Bookings” and other marketplace style solutions sound really good in theory, but can be a pain in the rear end to manage on a real site.

The truth is, WordPress is really not designed to do this well.  99% + of all WP based blogs or websites will never even ponder this sort of set up – and as a result, all of the themes/plugins and extensions that are created for people like us, are really, by definition, for unusual (and outlier) use cases.

* 1 Potential* Solution:
  I recorded a short video yesterday for how you might 1.  Build highly secure, Stripe enabled payments FOR YOUR FEATURED LISTINGS (sorry for the all caps there, the coffee is kicking in) – but more importantly for me, 2. this provides a super simple example of how to SELL high end services to your members that actually make sense for them to buy, and  provide real value.  (this is the ideal approach for “fully managed listings” as well as for those of you who truly want to build a high end digital media brand or platform.

(I actually emailed the developer about this about 10 days or so ago to suggest he build a framework specifically for directories/marketplaces – and he seemed excited about the idea.  (although, in fairness, I do tend to think everyone I email at 3am out of the blue is going to be excited about my ideas.  Results do vary 🙂

Anyway – if you’re interested in seeing how this would look on your platform – check out the video I posted last night on how you might do it.





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