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Hivepress, Listeo, Mylisting, Listingpro or something Else? It doesn’t matter what theme you use to build your WordPress Directory. Here is What Matters When Building a Profitable Niche Community and Digital Brand

Update for late Jan 2021. There are many great WP themes for building a niche directory, local listing site, online marketplace (if you haven’t tried the wonderful Taskhive Marketplace theme running on the free Hivepress plugin, you’re missing out on a great theme, but even better stellar support from the author)

But first, a warning: Feel free to watch the videos below if you’re interested in my thoughts on Listingpro, or some of the great ways you can modify the Mylisting to make more impact and income…..but understand this before you begin. The themes are all pretty much irrelevant. They all do the same basic things. Don’t get stuck looking for the perfect business directory for WP. It doesn’t exist, and in many ways… doesn’t matter. What matters is creating irresistable offers, doing great email outreach, seeding the site in a smart and savvy way, and having the right entrepreneurial instincts. The video below (part of our course community but shared on youtube) will help you understand exactly how to monetize your directory or authority site (whether it’s running on Listeo, Mylisting, Listingpro, Listify, Hivepress or anything else)

I also share some updates from my own email outreach campaigns that you can copy.



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